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Oavea Cookie Consent - EU Cookie Law
  • Oavea Cookie Consent - EU Cookie Law

Ultimate EU Cookie Law Warning Banner

No tax Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

This module adds a fully customizable cookie consent banner to your store. To comply with EU Cookie Law consent. You have full control over the look, text, link and more features such as auto close. 


All fields are multilingual and multistore compliant. 

Merchant Benefits

  • Comply with EU Cookie Law
  • Once the close button is clicked the banner will not appear again.
  • Fully customizable to fit your store.
  • Unlimited Colour options
  • Auto close feature. The banner will close after X amount of seconds (editable)
  • Test Mode - Allows you to setup the module how you want it. 
  • Fully Responsive.


The following things can be edited to suit your need:

  • Amount of time the banner stays hidden after it has been close.
  • Auto close time.
  • Banner Position - Choose between the top or bottom of your store.
  • Banner Text.
  • Banner Background Colour.
  • Banner Background Opacity.
  • Read More Button - Background & Text Colours (Inc Hover).
  • Read More Link - Choose if/which page you want your customers to read.
  • Close Button - Background & Text Colours (Inc Hover).